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MSDs are:

  • The #1 cost in healthcare today
  • The #1 cost of disability globally
  • Affecting 54% of people annually
  • Involving 30% of people daily

Urgent Care and ER are not trained to provide solutions for MSDs

What is Neuromusculoskeletal Disorder?

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Musculoskeletal disorders are commonly treated at the urgent care, emergency room, or primary cares office with treatments that only mask the symptoms.

Physical Therapists are the musculoskeletal experts and can provide you with the ability to move again pain free.

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When I first came, I had extreme pain in my left hip down to my left heel. There were many things I could not do or had too much pain to participate in. Walking, bending, and standing for long times was very difficult.Brittany worked with me and each week my pain lessened. She introduced me to many exercises that totally helped my pain level. I can now do almost everything that I would do without pain. Thanks to Brittany and Superior Physical Therapy!

- Cheryl Thompson

Rochelle Steimel

Julia Kellaway

When I started physical therapy, I had severe right leg pain from my hip to my ankle. I was sure PT was not going to help me. But after one week of coming to Superior Physical Therapy my thinking totally changed! My pain was subsiding and my attitude about PT had changed. Sarah and Aaron were great and kept me on track here and with my home exercise program. I could not feel better!! Great people here, and I can finally say I am pain free!

- Tom Evon

Brian Murray

I started my physical therapy program with Ben and Sarah a couple of months ago, I suffer from cervical degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and bone spurs. I was in immense pain for about 10 years and could no longer stand the pain. I could not bike ride, or do simple daily activities without a certain level of pain. Sarah and Ben improved my flexibility, mobility, and strength. I no longer feel the pain I did prior to physical therapy, they have given me the tools to apply to my daily routine and exercises that help me improve daily. I would highly recommend Superior Therapy to anyone and many thanks to Sarah and Ben!!

- Jessica Wier

Stephanie Wagner

“When I first came to Superior PT, I had very little mobility and pain with anything overhead or lying on my right side. After working with the 2 Andrew’s I can sleep on my right side, reach overhead without pain and most importantly…look through an entire upper rack of clothing without burning pain! It was definitely worth the drive to Traverse City from Lake Leelanau twice a week. I’ll miss seeing you! Drew! P.S. Drew made coming in fun! His big smile and cheerful attitude made me almost forget I was working hard. “

- Deb Johnson

Sheila Sherwin

I landed at Superior Physical Therapy after being diagnosed with a misaligned pelvis. The pain in my hip and pelvis would be extreme, preventing me from enjoying running. I would with Aaron and instantly I could tell it was going to be a positive experience. Aaron was extremely knowledgeable and was able to align my hips/pelvis at every visit. The home exercises provided via video were invaluable with my at home treatment. Though there is still work to be done, I can now get out and run, and will be completing in the Bayshore 10K, a feat not possible before Aaron and PT.

- Audra Bildeaux

Chris Gladieux

Jeanine Dean

Annie Murphy

Paul Callaghan

Pat Kay

Ben Shroeder